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Founded in 2019 by siblings, JC & Klodia Vanloo, BBBMM is a digital music distributor & web 3.0 agency for independent professional creators.

Inspired by their family members’ careers in music production and events business, they decided to join forces and helped newcomers artists to distribute their music and develop their skills.

Klodia...She’s the creative soul of the duo. She’s the one scouting the talents and combining all her skills to make sure magic is happening. Self-taught person, excellent with people and have a good understanding of the industry as it stands today.

JC…He’s the mighty brain. A real expert in finance and marketing. He’s forward-thinking, detail-oriented, and extremely hardworking. He's making sure business affairs runs smoothly.


Mum: Laurence Vanloo

She was queen of the night during the 90's and 00's. In ‘88, she opened her club "At The Villa". One of the first in Belgium to broadcast House & Techno.

The reputation of the club has grown steadily, crossing borders, draining every weekend crowds of partygoers of all nationalities who knew where to find the REAL Belgian sense of savoir-fête, our mum's club became a legend among the best European nightclubs.

10 different places, thousands of unforgettable evenings & many wonderful memories. In '93, she created a label and released several house/techno compilation, At The Villa Laurence - Music From The Club 1 & 2, Atv People 3 & 4  etc.

She also collaborated with our grandfather on several musical projects.

Granddad: Jean Vanloo

He was a rock'n'roll kind of guy who became king of the clubs ...

From Jimi Hendrix to the Moody Blues, Patrick Hernandez and Madonna, all crossed his path.


He was driven by an extraordinary passion, a real craftsman of music who has produced unforgettable hits such as "Brasilia Carnaval" and "Born to be alive".

Rock, pop or disco, he will cross every current of his time and make crowds dance in clubs around the world.

For all business requests regarding "Born to be alive" please contact:

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